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A Special Gift This Christmas Through BB Share-A-Gift

One of the things we do every year as part of our Christmas preparations is support the Boys' Brigade Share-A-Gift Project. Giving to the BB project has been a part of my December for a long time and I still recall dropping off items at the Sharity Gift Boxes (remember those?) along Orchard Road years ago. When the kids came along, I made more of a concerted effort to involve them in the process of buying and donating the items and it's become part of our family's Christmas giving over the ... read more


Mystica: Where The Night Comes Alive

*Media Invite* Of all the attractions we have in Singapore, the Night Safari is one of my favourites. That's saying a lot, coming from me, since I really don't like animals, much to my animal-loving husband's dismay. I guess there's just something about the mysterious aura of the night, the coolness of the air, and of course, the totally kick-ass set up of the Night Safari. Where the zoo brings you close to the animals, the Night Safari brings you right up close and personal with some of the ... read more


The Chuggington Winter Snow Party at City Square Mall

*Media Invite* There are many mall shows going on around town for this holiday but there was only one that my kids had eyes for: The Chuggington Winter Snow Party at City Square Mall. Yes, both my kids are fans of the chuggers and I just knew they'd be thrilled to see Koko, Wilson and Brewster in the flesh. (Well, kind of, but you know what I mean!) The Chuggington show was in tow a couple of years ago and back then we didn't manage to catch it then so I knew we couldn't miss it this ... read more


Being Heart-Ready For Christmas

In the blink of an eye, it's the middle of December. Where has time gone? Christmas is fast approaching but up till today, I wasn't feeling it, my plans largely derailed by the fact that my helper chose to return home on short notice on home leave. So most of December was spent dealing with her travel arrangements and exit permit issues. I chose to do everything without an agent and while doable, it took up a lot of time, time which we all didn't have. This also coincided with our trip to ... read more


Let It Go at the Frozen Sing-A-Long!

Would you believe that it's been just about a year since Frozen first premiered in cinemas? When I caught the movie the first time I knew it was going to be popular, but it has truly taken the world by storm (and then some).With a little girl who loves Frozen, loves dressing up as Elsa, whose eyes light up with she hears Let It Go playing anywhere, I knew I had to take her to Golden Village's special Frozen Sing-A-Long screenings. Yes, you read that right. These are screenings where you will be ... read more


Lego Out Loud! It’s A New Certified Store!

So the Saturday that just past was probably one of the more exciting ones my husband has had the whole year.Why you ask? Because LEGO has finally opened its first certified store in Singapore! Needless to say when we got an invite to the occasion, the husband said yes immediately. Even when I pointed out that we had to arrive before 9am. And guess what, for the first time in, hmm, as long as I can remember, I woke up on Saturday morning and found my husband already awake, and cheerful too! ... read more

Junior Clause SRT 2014

Junior Claus by The Little Company

As November draws to a close, you can feel the palpable sense that Christmas is coming!This year we got a little bit of a headstart on feeling all merry and bright when we headed to the theatre to catch Junior Claus, the latest production by SRT's The Little Company. The anticipation was rife as we sat in our seats waiting for the show to start with the stage curtains drawn. And when the curtains finally opened, my kids broke into huge smiles at the wonderful winter wonderland that came into ... read more