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She Is Four

My dearest Mei, You are officially four today. You’ve been counting down the days till this day so it was of no surprise to me hear from your Papa that you bounded out of bed this morning and shyly waited for him to wish you happy birthday before bursting with excitement. (I missed it as I was out sending your Gor-gor to school.) That is so you, by the way, as was your later pronouncement: “I am four years old!” you said proudly. “So I'm going to be five?" Tarry a while my dear. You ... read more


Everything is Awesome at the Legoland Hotel Malaysia!

It probably wouldn’t surprise you that our Lego-loving family loves Legoland. We’ve made it across the 2nd link several times to visit the Legoland Malaysia Resort after it opened in September 2012. We even stopped by Legoland in Windsor on holiday in London a couple of years back. What might be surprising is that we had not been to the Legoland Hotel before. Until last weekend when we got an extra-special Valentine’s Day treat from the good folks at Legoland! Each time we’ve visited Legoland ... read more



On a day where families hold their reunion dinners, Noey had a reunion of his very own too, with his ex-kindy friends. Realising that virtually all schools would have a half day today, I arranged with a couple of mums to bring our ex-K2-now-P1 kids out for lunch. It didn’t occur to me when the date was set that it would be a reunion lunch for the kids, but that’s what it was indeed. Noey has adjusted so well to Primary school that I initially hadn’t realised that he might be missing his ... read more

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Three Reasons This Valentine’s

Do you remember the first Valentine’s Day you celebrated with your significant other? I do, because it was the one time we celebrated Valentine’s Day “properly” with the full works. This was in 2001, when even though we were poor students, we got dressed up and went out for a nice posh dinner at Lawry’s The Prime Rib. It was then located at Paragon, and dinner cost the husband-then-boyfriend a princely sum of $170 for the two of us. It think there was some champagne involved. He got me a ... read more


Adjusting To Primary 1: The First Month

And just like that, January is over. Four weeks into Primary 1! How are we faring? Noey is doing surprisingly well. Surprisingly, I say, because if you know my little son, you'll know that he isn’t usually the most adaptable. He can be a bit clingy, but he has shown no hesitation to the school routine or being thrown together with strangers into a totally new environment. Instead he’s taken to it with gusto and is (dare I say it) enjoying school. It comes as a surprise to me because there ... read more


KidsFest 2015: The Gruffalo!

*Media Invite* The start of the new year brings with it a fresh slate of exciting shows, and the one thing the kids and I look forward to at this time is KidsFest! KidsFest 2015 is back again for the 4th year running with its programme of world-class theatre performances for young and old, and we were super chuffed to see some of our favourites on the schedule. One of the things I love best about KidsFest is that many of the productions that they bring in are based on really great children's ... read more


Pocket Money: Welcome to Money Management 101

Since starting Primary One this year, one of the things that Noey has been most excited about is the fact that he now gets an allowance. Yes, real money which he can use to buy whatever he wants!  "I'm rich!" he said delightedly just the other day while jingling his coins in his coin pouch before heading to school. With him now having to manage his own money on a daily basis, I am realising a bit belatedly that money management in the form of saving and budgeting is something I maybe should ... read more