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My Disney Princess Weekend: Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast

What do you do when the opportunity arises for a girly weekend with just your daughter on your hands? Bring her to enjoy some Disney magic, of course. Mei and I got to enjoy some girly time together this weekend to close the school holidays as Noey and DD took off on an overnight school-organised fishing trip at a kelong in Malaysia. With only the little miss for company, I decided to indulge her girly fantasies (and mine!) both on-screen and on stage. Cinderella First up ... read more


Goodbye and Godspeed, Mr Lee

I woke up yesterday morning with plans to start the new school term, only to be halted in my tracks by messages of informing me of news that in the night while we lay sleeping, the man regarded by many as the founding father of modern Singapore had passed on. Mr Lee Kuan Yew was 91. The news, while seemingly inevitable with each subsequent press release from the PMO, was still a shock when made a reality. Mr Lee had been so large, so forceful a personality that I had almost believed that he ... read more


Primary 1: First Term Report

I heaved a sigh of relief as we closed the first term of Noey’s P1 year — intact and in good spirits! The boy doesn’t really have any holiday homework to complete, probably for the first and last time ever! (Well, unless you count the costume that we have to make out of recycled materials for Week 2. I thought I would be able to stop with the cardboard costumes this year now that Noey is in P1 but apparently not!) So we’ve been playing really hard these past few days, squeezing in a ... read more


Goldilocks and the Three Bears (金发姑娘和三只熊): Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, It’s Just Right!

* Media Invite* I grew up listening to fairy tales and when it came to my kids, I naturally did the same. I know some parents don’t think fairy tales are relevant in our modern day context but I beg to differ. I think instead that there is something timeless and enduring in these old tales that fire the imagination and which guides us in our earliest understanding of right and wrong. These stories cross cultural barriers and, as we saw this weekend at the performance of Goldilocks and the ... read more


March Monster Mash at Gardens By The Bay

*Media Invite* The March holidays are upon us! The term has sped by and I’m certainly looking forward to waking up at a decent hour in the week coming forward, with the 6am alarm being deactivated for a while. Now let’s just hope the kids get with the programme. This holiday promises to be a rather fun one with family time and play dates galore, just the way I like it. It certainly got off to a good start at Gardens By The Bay on Friday night with their March Monster Mash movie screening ... read more


An Afternoon at the River Safari

Now that we’re plugged into the Primary School system, it feels like there’s less time for everything. Especially since Noey is dismissed from school at nearly 2pm and there’s a need for the kids to be in bed by 9pm every night, I feel like I’m always rushing to get everything done. I’ve really been missing our random afternoon outings, so one afternoon shortly after the Chinese New Year break, I decided to whisk the children off on a spur-of-the-moment trip to the River Safari after picking ... read more


She Is Four

My dearest Mei, You are officially four today. You’ve been counting down the days till this day so it was of no surprise to me hear from your Papa that you bounded out of bed this morning and shyly waited for him to wish you happy birthday before bursting with excitement. (I missed it as I was out sending your Gor-gor to school.) That is so you, by the way, as was your later pronouncement: “I am four years old!” you said proudly. “So I'm going to be five?" Tarry a while my dear. You ... read more