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Getting CNY Ready

Just three days to Chinese New Year — are you ready yet? Looking at my Facebook feed, I know friends have been busy cleaning up their homes, getting clothes, and baking up a storm. It seems all the rage to bake your own CNY goodies these days and I’ve seen lots of pictures of yummy looking treats being churned out, from peanut cookies to pineapple tarts to even bak kwa!  I tried my hand making pineapple tarts last year, but this year, I just never found the time nor energy. My dear mother ... read more


Chicken Milanese

As I seek to be more organised this year, one thing that I’m trying to be more regard about is menu planning. You wouldn’t think that deciding what to eat can be a real pain but it is! Especially when I have a son who only likes Western food, a daughter who loves her rice and soup and a husband who loves anything fried! There’s no pleasing everyone all the time, but this one dish comes close. This is my version of Chicken Milanese, inspired by the version we all love at California Pizza ... read more


My CNY Mini Me in Elly’s Blooms and Brollies!

If you didn’t know it, we’re telling you now: Chinese New Year is coming! I’m in the throes of my usual love-hate relationship with Chinese New Year and the accompanying stresses. There’s much to be done — decorating the house, buying goodies, preparing the food, and getting the whole family dressed. I decided earlier on to make a bit more of an effort this year since my mother-in-law is now staying with us and there is an increased chance that folks might pop by to visit. But as the days ... read more


Here come The Three Billy Goats Gruff 三只山羊! {Giveaway}

When I started having kids, one of the things I’ve fretted about is their Chinese language proficiency. In fact, if you’ve been a follower of this blog, you’ll know that the topic of being Chinese, knowing Chinese and loving Chinese often comes up. I’ve done what I can given my own discomfort with using the language, and the pressure has intensified this year since Noey’s Chinese tutor told us at the last possible moment, after school had already started, that she would not be able to tutor him ... read more


KidsFest 2016: I Believe in Unicorns {Giveaway}

It’s January, which means it’s time for KidsFest 2016! This annual series of quality theatre performances is a real treat that I personally look forward to. Year after year, ABA Productions, the team behind KidsFest, manages to bring in great shows, many of which are based on popular children’s literature. In fact, many of these, like The Gruffalo in 2015 (review here) and What The Ladybird Heard in 2014 (review here) have been family favourites which we have on our bookshelves. This ... read more


Levelling Up Our Ninja Skills: Tag Team @ Downtown East {Giveaway}

It’s a brand new school year! Now two weeks in, the adrenaline has worn off for me and the kids, and we’re all starting to feel the pain of the early start to the day that school brings again. We are still feeling our way around our new schedule and one of the things I hope to achieve is to give my children more play time this year. With the extra workload and hours that come with Primary school, I found myself constantly nagging at my kids to DO WORK and PRACTICE PIANO last year. It was ... read more


Looking Back At 2015, Looking Forward

I spent the last day of 2015 struggling to keep my eyes open. Pretty apt considering this is how I felt on most days over this particular year. In all honesty, I’m glad to see the back of 2015. It was not a great year on most counts as it was, for me, a year of lost time and health issues. Not health issues for me personally, though I got sick a bit more than I would have liked. But I lost an uncle, a dear old neighbour and a friend over the course of the year, all of whom I grieved for. As a ... read more