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Munching Up A Storm with The Incredible Book Eating Boy

"Henry loves books, but not like you and I, not quite. Henry loves to EAT books. And here is the best bit: the more he eats, the smarter gets.” But what happens if he eats too many? It is on this interesting and quirky premise that The Incredible Book Eating Boy is based. We are huge fans of Oliver Jeffers and this book is one of our favourites. The idea of eating books instead of reading them to (quite literally) digest the information within completely fascinates my kids. I guess it's a ... read more


Swimming Like Fish (Almost!) with The Swimming Room {Giveaway}

When it comes to signing up our kids for extra activities, we here can be quite spoilt for choice. There are so many fun and educational classes out there! I always feel very tempted to sign my kids up for a bunch of activities but with limited time and resources, I’ve had to choose carefully and go for what I really think they need first. Chinese was the first one on the list, but very close behind that was swimming. To me, swimming isn’t an enrichment activity as much as it is a life skill. ... read more


Cards For Happy Mothers’ Day

So, Mothers’ Day. How did yours go? This year, I celebrated my 6th Mothers’ Day, but it was the first year that I received plenty of cards from my kids that they made of their own accord. This was spearheaded by my little card-making guru Mei. She has recently become quite obsessed with drawing and colouring, and was therefore thrilled to spend her time making cards for me for “happy mothers’ day”, as she called it. In the process, she’s now learnt to spell “THANK YOU” and “LOVE YOU” all on her ... read more


P1 Booklist: Chinese Books From Flip For Joy

As you can imagine, getting Noey ready for Primary 1 involved preparing lots of things for him, from his new school uniform, school bag, school shoes, wallet for pocket money, stationery and a whole host of other necessities. I managed to get most things sorted before the start of school, but in the first week, I quickly discovered there was something I forgot to think about: Chinese storybooks for silent reading. Noey has a period of silent reading every morning before assembly and on two of ... read more


Legoland Malaysia Star Wars Miniland

On our recent trip to Legoland, one of the things the boys were most excited about was Star Wars Miniland. There’s just something about Star Wars that continues to capture the imagination of each successive generation of children — and adults! It was the Lego Star Wars series that rekindled my husband’s childhood love for Lego and it continues to his favourite line. My kids naturally took an interest in Star Wars through Papa’s influence. We had first encountered Star Wars Miniland in ... read more


Telling Tales with The Fantastical Story Factory

If your children could set their imaginations free and create a musical production, what would it be like? That is the premise of The Fantastical Story Factory, a 60-minute improvised show where the audience gets to decide the where the story is set, who the characters are, and what happens every step of the way. It’s improv theatre for kids — where every suggestion, no matter how silly, is carried through to create one big crazy, funny story. My kids have not experienced improv ... read more

Dreaming up adventures for Lloyd and Jay

Nurturing Creativity In Kids {Giveaway}

I think one thing we can all agree on is that our kids have is fantastic imaginations. They tell wild stories, have tea parties with their toys, and build complicated structures with their blocks, and generally have a ball playing pretend. And yet as an adult, how many times have we heard others say (and indeed said myself) “I am not creative”? Somewhere along the line, in the process of growing up, we lose that spark as cynicism sets in and self-doubt starts to grow. Which is a pity because ... read more