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The LKY Musical

“The story of Lee Kuan Yew in a musical? Really?” my husband asked. It seemed like a bit of a strange proposition when The LKY Musical was first announced. The idea that a man who was so much larger than life, the times that he lived through and the course of history he charted with his every move could be conveyed in song and dance seemed incongruous to say the least. Now, after having had the privilege of watching the musical during the gala opening on Friday, I’m here to tell you that ... read more


Interplay at the Singapore Science Centre

What would the playground of tomorrow look like? We got a glimpse of that over the weekend at the blockbuster exhibition Interplay, currently being held at the Singapore Science Centre. Of course, it wasn't actually a playground. On since 30 May till 16 August 2015, Interplay is a highly interactive exhibition curated by the world-renown digital media institution ARS ELECTRONICA Linz GmbH together with the Singapore Science Centre. The exhibition marries science with art, featuring a collection ... read more


Weekend Brunch at District 10

Another weekend, another brunch place! This time it was because the husband had a full-day course on a Saturday morning, leaving me to figure out what to do with the kids. I decided it’d be a good opportunity to meet up with the gramps so brunch it was! Now, my parents generally get a bit stressed going out with me and my active kids so I thought it would be best to bring everyone to a place where the children would be free to expend some energy when they needed to. I’ve known of District 10 ... read more


Memories at the Botanic Gardens

We’ve been sick sick sick these past three weeks and counting, and it’s been no fun at all! The whole family has been taking turns to be struck down with a very virulent strain of Influenza A. It’s been very tiring but with Noey and the husband finally on the mend, I’m hoping we’ve seen the last of it! It’s been extra quiet here on the blog as we struggle to get back on our feet but I just wanted to take some time to say how thrilled I am that the Singapore Botanic Gardens has been inscribed as ... read more


Naomi’s 4th: A (Kind-Of) Frozen Craft Party

I’ve done shockingly bad job documenting my kids’ birthdays in recent years, and it’s kind of sad because we enjoyed them very much! Attending little Buddy’s 1st birthday the previous weekend has inspired me to finish this post because it was held at EatPlayLove Cafe where we we celebrated Mei’s birthday in March. We had a… wait for it… yes, FROZEN party for her, just like every other preschool girl on this planet. It certainly wasn’t my choice but if there’s one thing my daughter is, it is ... read more


Good Reads for the Singaporean Mum

When you ask me about my hobbies, reading has always been one of the first ones I would name. Sadly, since becoming a mum, I’ve found that I don’t read much anymore, unless you count the many children’s books that I am asked to read ad nauseum to the kids, or articles on Facebook! I rarely get the chance to read for leisure and pleasure, unless I’m on holiday. So that’s exactly what I did on our recent holiday to Gold Coast. It wasn’t quite the beach holiday ... read more


Hi-5 at United Square Shopping Mall

With Hi-5 in town, it was just impossible for us to to catch their show! Especially with Mei on a high from meeting Dayen and the rest of the Hi-5 cast for breakfast just last weekend. I promised Mei we would make it to United Square Shopping Mall for the live show and meet-and-greet, and made good on that promise on Tuesday. I planned to attend the 2.30pm show, thinking that maybe it being the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday, it wouldn’t be so crowded. Well, I thought wrong!  The atrium ... read more