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Treasure Island by SRT: Swashbuckling Fun for the Whole Family

Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest— Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! Drink and the devil had done for the rest— Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! Adventure, buried treasure, double-crossing pirates and bucket loads of swashbuckling action… you’ll find this and more in the latest production from the Singapore Repertory Theatre’s The Little Company, Treasure Island.  Treasure Island is one of those classics that has greatly influenced our popular culture, having introduced so many of the elements ... read more


The Kindy Concert 2015

After five years of kindy, I know the drill. Term 4 is Concert Term. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the year-end concert. On the one hand, it is so cute to see them on stage. Such precious moments! On the other hand, getting them ready for stage can be a draining process for the teachers and children alike. When concert prep gets intense, my kids tend to get a bit crankier and less keen on going to school. Yet again when they get on stage, there is a sense of accomplishment. They ... read more


Pororo Park Singapore

Lovers of all things cute and cuddly rejoice! Here come Pororo and friends! After seven Pororo Parks in South Korea and three in China, the lovable little penguin from South Korea has come to South East Asia with the opening the first Pororo Park right here in Singapore. Situated in Marina Square, the 11,000 sq foot park is the largest character-themed indoor playground in Singapore! Touted as an indoor playground with a difference, Pororo Park Singapore promises attractions that are designed ... read more


Transforming into a 7-year Old: Noey’s Rescue Bots Birthday at Tag Team Inc

Just before October slipped away from us, we managed to squeeze in a party for Noey. He was rather disappointed when I told him that his party had to be postponed but he accepted it as I promised him that it would most definitely happen. As the haze started to ease, we set a date for the last day of October. When party day rolled round with clear skies all around, I don’t think anyone was more relieved than I was! It’s late but Happy Birthday Noah! This year’s party was planned with a ... read more


Reading the Classics {+ Giveaway!}

I’ve got some serious bookworms in this house. Not that I’m complaining, especially since I’m the one feeding the habit! I don’t shop a lot these days (except to clear my endless grocery list, alas!) but if there’s one thing I love to buy, it is BOOKS. Specifically books for the kids. It is all too easy these days to pop a few books in my cart over at Amazon, and the next thing I know, we’ve got new books to fit into our bulging bookshelves. Just the other day I had an amusing conversation ... read more


Seussical The Musical

Oh, the Thinks you can thinkIf you’re willing to try…Think invisible ink! Or a gink with a stink!Or a stair to the sky…If you open your mind,Oh, the Thinks you will findLining up to get loose...Oh, the Thinks you can thinkWhen you think about…SEUSS!  And with that, we were launched into a madcap adventure of full to wacky characters and impossible situations that can only belong in the Seussian world yesterday evening at the premiere of Seussical The Musical! While I myself have never been a ... read more