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Oliver Jeffer’s The Way Back Home — on Stage! {Giveaway}

Oliver Jeffers is one of our favourite authors, yet I discovered him quite by chance, when I was planning Mei’s first birthday. I make it a point to give a book as a party favour every birthday and for Mei’s birthday that year, I was looking for a book to match her “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” when I found How To Catch A Star. I loved it from the first reading, and that was how Oliver Jeffers’ books became a staple in our home library. After How To Catch A Star, Oliver Jeffers went on to ... read more


National Geographic Live with Steve Winter

Once upon a time, in the years B.C. (ie. Before Children), my husband used to be a semi-avid nature photographer. He would actually wake up early on Saturday to go and take photos of birds and flowers in our neighbourhood. Occasionally he would also wake me up to drag me to the zoo so he could practice shooting some animals. Now, if you know my husband, you’ll know that him waking up early in the morning for anything at all is a PRETTY BIG DEAL. That’s how much he enjoyed taking pictures! I ... read more


It’s Rewarding to be Demerit-Free! {Giveaway}

You, like me, might have been surprised with a letter from the Singapore Traffic Police in the mail recently. I'll admit that my heart skipped a beat when I saw the letter before I realised it was something to be proud of! I'm demerit-free yo! Proof that I'm a good driver, no matter what my husband thinks! Turns out the letter is a new initiative by Shell Singapore, together with the Singapore Traffic Police and the Singapore Road Safety Council, to recognise and reward motorists who have ... read more


Why I Love My Wet Market: Empress Market

When I think back on my childhood days, my visits to the wet market with my grandmother are among those that stand out in my memory. I remember following her around to the stalls at the Serangoon Gardens Market, gingerly tip-toeing over the wet floor near the fish stall and staring fascinated at the stallholder shaping fishballs by hand at lightning speed.  Back then, it was par for the course to see meat lying in slabs on an open counter or hanging from meat hooks around the butcher. The ... read more


Pampering Your Skin with the Olive Oil Skin Care Company {Giveaway}

Being a mummy means that I’m often on the lookout for good stuff for my kids, and when I get to share it with them, I’m doubly thrilled! I was recently introduced to the soaps and balms from the Olive Oil Skin Care Company and was instantly attracted to the fact that these products are made from natural ingredients with no preservatives, additives, colourings or palm oil. The use of olive oil for dry skin has been a popular folk remedy for centuries, thanks to its moisturising and ... read more


SG50 and Beyond, We Will Get There

Over the past couple of weekends, we did something we don’t usually ever do — We joined the crowds that thronged the Marina Bay to watch the action from the National Day Parade rehearsals from the fringes. The husband is extremely crowd averse and while I LOVE the National Day Parade, if I don’t get tickets to the main show (which I haven't since they started the balloting system, *sob!*), I’m not one who would usually go jostle with crowds just to see fireworks. It started with a casual ... read more


Bossini x Frozen Collection

I don’t know about your household but in mine, the Frozen Fever has yet to abate. Till now, one of my little girl’s favourite things to do is to flash me a winsome smile and ask “Can I wear my Elsa Dress??” After gaining my consent, she would drag me to help her into her huge, puffy Elsa costume and waltz off, oblivious to the fact that it is a really hot afternoon. I always feel hot just looking at her in that polyester dress even as I admire her tenacity! So I was really pleased to hear that ... read more