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Pocket Money: Welcome to Money Management 101

Since starting Primary One this year, one of the things that Noey has been most excited about is the fact that he now gets an allowance. Yes, real money which he can use to buy whatever he wants!  "I'm rich!" he said delightedly just the other day while jingling his coins in his coin pouch before heading to school. With him now having to manage his own money on a daily basis, I am realising a bit belatedly that money management in the form of saving and budgeting is something I maybe should ... read more


CATS: The Jellicles Have A Ball

*Media Invite* Jellicle Cats come out tonight Jellicle Cats come one come all: The Jellicle Moon is shining bright — Jellicles come to the Jellicle Ball. And what a ball we had, when the Jellicles came to town early this week with the opening of CATS, one of the world's most long-running and beloved musicals. I have a soft spot for CATS as it was the very first musical I ever caught live on stage, way back in 1993 when it first came to Singapore. My sister and I caught it together ... read more


Celebrating Home: Elly’s 2015 CNY Collection {Giveaway}

As the dust settles on the new year, there is no rest for the weary in this household as we start gearing up for the next big event on the calendar: Chinese New Year. As kang tang as I am, there are a few things I do adhere to when preparing for Chinese New Year: I try to do a bit of spring cleaning (though the standard varies from year to year!), I buy new year goodies for our home and for our parents, I prepare ang pows, and I buy new clothes. Buying new clothes for the new year is ... read more


Starting Primary 1

I think there's no milestone as defining of a child's life here in Singapore as entering Primary 1. (Other than taking the PSLE, of course, but that's a whole different ballgame that I'd rather not think about at the moment!)  But yes, Primary 1. That milestone where your child exits the fun times of pre-school and enters THE EDUCATION SYSTEM. That next step into the real world. Preparation for Primary 1 is a whole industry in itself so you can imagine what a big deal it is to most ... read more


Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

We packed the children off to bed early so it is just the husband and I, enjoying a quiet evening as we ring in the new year. It's just as well that we have no party planned as I approach the end of the year in a sombre mood, my heart heavy for the victims and the families of the AirAsia's ill-fated flight QZ8501. The husband asked me how I felt about the year past and I candidly told him that I am not sorry to see it go. 2014 has been action-packed. While there has been much to be thankful ... read more


Learning Music with MYC

The new year is fast approaching, and with it comes the resumption of school -- and the kids' enrichment activities! If there's one thing in relation to which parents in Singapore are spoilt for choice, it is enrichment classes. It can be truly mind-boggling for a first-time parent as you try to sift through the various offerings to figure out what might be useful, interesting, and beneficial to your child. I certainly started and stopped a variety of different classes with Noey before ... read more


Exploring the Amazing Rainforest with Abrakadoodle

I can't believe the holidays are drawing to a close and we will be returning to school in just over a week! We had a blast this school holiday, but not in the usual way. If we are not travelling, I usually fill up our school holidays with activities and meet-ups. But this time round, I decided not to. I must admit, this was in part forced on me by my helper's need to return home on home leave at short notice. Being short-handed had me taking things more slowly. We spent more time at home, and ... read more