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Theatre Review: Madagascar Live!

In our family, Friday is the day we set aside for a bit of fun, and this Friday, I surprised my kids with tickets to the latest musical to hit town, Madagascar Live! It has also been a long week for me and I was certainly looking forward to some fun with my kids. As an additional treat, I had arranged to bring one of Noey’s friends with us for the evening. As it turned out, the fact that I brought an additional playmate along was the saving grace for the evening. While Madagascar Live! is ... read more


A Taste of Old Singapore: Afternoon Tea at The Clifford Pier

When I was growing up, going for high tea was a special treat that I was lucky enough to go for on a fairly regular basis. My childhood home was a the road from a small hotel that served quite a spread for high tea and many a happy birthday was spent there with friends, feasting up a storm! It was my mum’s birthday recently and in addition to the family gathering, I thought it was apt that I should bring her out for high tea! After looking through some options, I decided on the Singapore ... read more


SRT’s Hanuman: A Classic Updated for the Modern Age

Mention “superhero” and you can be sure that my son wants in. So it was no surprise to me that he zoomed in on the flyers for “Hanuman — The Superhero Monkey” and told me he wanted to see the show. I myself was intrigued. Having grown up on a diet of folktales and legends, I am familiar with some of the stories of the Ramayana, the Indian epic from which this story is drawn, though it’s been some years since I’ve revisited it. In Hanuman — The Superhero Monkey, the story begins with Sita ... read more


Honey Lemon Mint Tea

I have always loved the refreshing taste of mint. Especially when the weather is sweltering! It's been hot, hot, hot recently, and I really needed to cool down. So I concocted this Honey Lemon Mint Tea, combining mint with our family-favourite honey lemon! I was able to do this at the spur of the moment, thanks to the fact that I have mint readily available from my herb garden on my balcony! You can read more about my efforts to grow a herb garden here. This post is about the Honey ... read more


Urban Farming: Growing Herbs in Sunny Singapore

This month is Eco Month with IKEA! As we consider the topic of sustainable living, I thought this would be a great time for me to share a bit about our urban farming efforts. If you’ve been following this blog, you might know a little about our efforts to grow our own vegetables. Like most Singaporeans, I live in an apartment with no garden to call my own. We do however have a small balcony, and about two years ago, I unexpectedly found myself in possession of some cherry tomato plants. ... read more

Mini Outfitters Hucklebones Buttercup

Designer Togs For Less with Mini Outfitters {Giveaway}

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked at my daughter’s wardrobe and thought, “Dang, she has nicer clothes than me!” When I look back at my childhood photos, I have many (many) times come across snapshots where I cringed a little at what I was wearing. It certainly wasn’t always my mother’s fault. I know I had a hand in certain choice ensembles! My kids however, are far more fortunate simply because they just have really nice clothes. I don’t consider myself much of a shopper but ... read more


Experiencing Life in Full Colour with The Blue Man Group

Eight years ago when my husband and I embarked on our yet-to-be-topped best holiday ever to the west coast of USA, I put a quirky and unusual show on my list during on stop in Las Vegas — a wordless show with three blue men making music playing on pipes and playing with paint… It was The Blue Man Group, and at that first encounter, I was wowed by the energy, creativity and sheer coolness of the show. I sure never expected to catch them here in Singapore but life does tend to surprise you! In ... read more